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Boats - (Keener) arr. Bruce
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:beta collective with Emily Keener

     A brand new collaboration from two of North East Ohio’s most prolific artists, :beta with Emily Keener blends the best of indie-folk Americana with high-energy modern jazz. Emily’s presence leaves a mark with smoldering vocals, entrancing melodies, and an undeniable dedication to song craft. Bruce’s arrangements employ a wide range of textures and orchestration to create a cinematic soundscape, set to expansive and driving grooves.


     The vulnerability found in Emily Keener’s music traces back to a distinctly Midwest upbringing, characterized by the canopied forests that surrounded her home. It’s here Keener pensively grappled with the rigid qualities of rustbelt spiritualism, and where she experienced the literal and figurative isolation as a homeschooled country-dweller. Emily was a finalist on NBC’s The Voice in 2016, and in 2017 she received No Depression's singer/songwriter award in recognition of her original work.


     :beta collective is a modern jazz ensemble led by guitarist and composer Dan Bruce. A powerhouse group including some of the Midwest’s finest improvisers, it is known for its compositional breadth as well as interactive and energetic performances.

Dan Bruce's :beta collective

"Blueprint" performed at Tri-C (virtual) Jazz Fest 2020

"The Walk" performed at Tri-C (virtual) Jazz Fest 2020

Earthshine - Dan Bruce's :beta collective
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Ice (no. 2) - Dan Bruce's :beta collective
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Chris Coles- alto sax, tenor sax, vocoder

Brad Wagner- soprano sax, tenor sax, bass clarinet

Chris Anderson- trombone

Theron Brown- keyboards, melodica

Aidan Plank- bass, electric bass

Anthony Taddeo- drums, percussion

Dan Bruce- guitar, compositions, programming


Dan Bruce


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