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A powerhouse group including some of Chicago’s finest improvisers, Dan Bruce’s :beta collective steps into the spotlight with their debut album, Earthshine. Bruce describes the new album as “a tone poem on order and chaos, and the acceptance of both in the moment.” He goes on to explain, “It is a patchwork of moods and textures, underpinned by an overwhelming feeling of joy and gratitude”. A hallmark of the compositions is the interaction between highly composed music and free improvisation, much of it set to expansive and driving grooves.

"Blueprint" performed at Tri-C (virtual) Jazz Fest 2020

"The Walk" performed at Tri-C (virtual) Jazz Fest 2020

Earthshine - Dan Bruce's :beta collective
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Ice (no. 2) - Dan Bruce's :beta collective
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Chris Coles- alto sax, tenor sax, vocoder

Brad Wagner- soprano sax, tenor sax, bass clarinet

Chris Anderson- trombone

Theron Brown- keyboards, melodica

Aidan Plank- bass, electric bass

Anthony Taddeo- drums, percussion

Dan Bruce- guitar, compositions, programming


Dan Bruce



All About Jazz Review

Troy Dostert's four star review of the new album, Earthshine, at All About Jazz

"...a generous, accessible sound with an exploratory edge, Bruce brings a finely-polished technique that is at the same time subtly discontent, searching for new expressions and willing to take some chances along the way." For full review follow the link below.

Chicago Jazz Magazine Interview

Dan talks with Jeff Cebulski about the new album, jazz in Chicago, and the release concert at Constellation

Jazz Trail review

Felipe Freitas explains, "Bruce smartly eschews overcomplicated procedures on Earthshine. He rather plays slick and tight, punching out inviting textures with an irresistible flexibility. The horn section, operating upfront, together with the participative rhythm section in the back, helped him set up an extremely pleasurable work."

Chicago Jazz Magazine CD review

Jeff Cebulski reviews Earthshine in the latest issue of Chicago Jazz Magazine. "Bruce, who has crafted a strong reputation based on his nuanced support for many well-known jazz artists, has deftly progressed into a fine composer and leader of a quintet, a couple of trios, and, now, this 'collective' that features some of the thick cream of the rising Chicago crop. The new album, Earthshine, sounds like the next step in a rising career."

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