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Collage Project Off Brand

Released 2020 on New Focus (Panoramic) Records

Daniel Lippel- nylon string guitar

Aidan Plank- bass

Noa Even- saxophone

Chris Anderson- trombone

Nathan Douds- drumset

DB- electric guitar

Buy Here (digital) or Here (physical)

Dan Bruce's :beta collective Earthshine

Released 2017 on Ears and Eyes Records

Russ Johnson- trumpet

Chris Madsen- tenor sax

Rob Clearfield- keys

Clark Sommers- bass

Jon Deitemyer- drums

Buy Here (digital and physical)

album cover.jpg

A Single Thread

Released 2007 on NohJoh Records

Ken Edwards- trumpet

Brian Donohoe- saxophone

Matt Lawless- keys

Scott Trayer- bass

Ross Pederson- drums

Buy Here (digital)

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