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    A powerhouse group including some of the Midwest’s finest improvisers, :beta collective uses a wide range of orchestration and textures to create a cinematic soundscape set to distinctive and forceful grooves.
“A better illustration of the marvelous balance Bruce and company strike between improvisation and compositional form would be hard to conceive”
-Ron Schepper, Textura
:beta collective with vocals
Highlight reel from an intimate performance at Negative Space Gallery
“...a generous, accessible sound with an exploratory edge, Bruce brings a finely-polished technique that is at the same time subtly discontent, searching for new expressions and willing to take some chances along the way”. 
-Troy Dostert, All About Jazz
Video for the title track from the new album,
Mind the Mystics


Alyssa Boyd- vocals
Chris Anderson
- trombone

Chris Coles-alto sax, tenor sax, vocoder
Brad Wagner- soprano sax, tenor sax, bass clarinet
Theron Brown- keys, melodica
Will Wedmedyk- vibraphone
Aidan Plank-bass
Anthony Taddeo-drums

Dan Bruce

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